*Corporate Fitness

Balancing work, family and social obligationsleaves little time to take care of your own fitness needs. Putting training on your own schedule at work ensures that you will do what is necessary to take care of yourself.​ You can train individually, with a co-worker or the whole staff! All equipment and challenges provided......

*Yogavinyasa style (breath-synchronized movement)

As a yoga instructor I have the ability to incorporate yoga into your fitness session if desired. You also have the option of having your very own private yoga session. 

 Private/partner or group sessions. All mats and music provides.

*Health Coaching (self fulfillment strategies)

As a health coach you will be offered wellness support and motivation to cultivate positive healthy lifestyle choices. Health coaching highlights aspects of your life that impacts your health. Focusing on nutrition, physical activity, relationships, lifestyle and elements that impact your health such as stress, weight and energy levels.

​​*​​Special Events

Getting married? Going to a fabulous party? Social event? Retreat?

​Whether your training for a race, a company fitness challenge or want to feel and look your personal best, you have come to the right place!







*In-home personal training

Good bye to gym memberships that you probably don't use. No more rushing out the door in bad weather. Child care challenges are now alleviated.

Training is offered one-on-one, partner or groups.​